"I think you did an amazing job you completed and carried out what I asked you to do despite the breaking of your arm haha..."

Client Feedback, Daniel

"Cole is easygoing and very patient, a pleasure to talk and interact with. Good iterative skills."

Client Feedback, Ignacio

The Brief

I had to create a minimum of one illustration for each client to help supplement their FMP.

For Daniel I created a poster to advertise his character model for the Da Vinvi Gnome and for Ignacio I created a cover illustration for his TTRPG Project Chronos.

The Idea

In both cases I was working towards the clients vision rather than my own, although I did my own visual research in order to present a selection of concepts.

For Daniel's project I based it heavily on Leonardo Da Vinci's work, in particular the Vitruvian Man and his sketchbooks and for Ignacio's I had more leeway in the style and rendering, but I had to learn how to draw anthropomorphic characters, which was new to me.

The Process

Both projects progressed very similarly. First I consulted the documentation the clients provided, then I did my own visual research and studies. After this I worked on thumbnails that I presented to the clients for them to choose which two concepts I would develop. After the sketch was developed and any alterations were made I would render the piece in the target style and complete any post-processing. All my work, from sketching to painting, was completed digitally as this made it easy to share my progress and make alterations.

Problems & Solutions

The biggest problem I faced during this project was time management. As I was working on both illustrations, a worldbuilding document and was recovering from a group project I had less time than I would have liked to dedicate to each client. Add to this the fact that one client was more demanding than the other and my time was not balanced fairly. During the project I managed by prioritising and dropping one of the extra illustrations I was planning to make for Daniel, however I do not think this was a fair solution and in the future I hope manage my energy better so I can treat my clients equally.

Review & Reflection

While both clients were pleased with my work I do believe I have a way to go if I am to pursue any freelance client work. In particular I need to be clearer about the value of my time and the amount of input a client may have throughout the process. In order to do this I have started drafting documentation for potential clients to help them understand the reasonable expectations of me, as well as any information I need from them to do my best work. I plan to test these in the summer if I am to continue working on Project Chronos.