Narrative & Design

Concept Designer

This project was developed from live brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards for the 21GRAMS charity which asked for a game concept to help people with post-natal depression.

I chose to base my design on mindfulness practice and in order to make it easy for new parents to play I suggested turn based gameplay on a mobile platform.

Design Lead

This project was a collaboration between the Ravensbourne Games Development Year 2, 22-23. We were given a month to create a top down multiplayer that encouraged collaboration and discouraged toxic player behaviour.

I worked as design lead and helped with coordinating my team, assigning tasks and facilitating design activities.

Overall the project was a success as we were able to deliver a playable alpha that was enjoyed by the clients. Furthermore, multiple members of the team praised my leadership abilities in the post-mortem.

FMP Assistance


I collaborated with two Year 3 students to create illustrations to supplement their Final Major Projects.

Both projects were for advertising illustrations, one a poster design and the other a cover design. To complete them I drew upon my knowledge of graphic design principles and used Procreate to sketch and finalise the illustrations to the approval of both clients.

Writer and Illustrator

For this project we were asked to create an accessible storybook with a physical prototype and an accompanying AR app.

I used a combination of Procreate, InDesign and Unity to create the final product, which I then printed and bound by hand.

This page is a summary of my work for unit GMD20202 (How to Work in a Game Studio). If you would like to see my process take a look at my development blog, or if you would prefer an in depth analysis of each project please consult this document.